How to Activate Maintenance Mode In WordPress

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about how to activate maintenance mode in WordPress. There are several ways to activated maintenance mode in WordPress, I’m trying to explain them in this article.

How To Activate Maintenance Mode In WordPress

How to Activate Maintenance Mode in WordPress

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

There are a variety of ways of putting a website into a maintenance mode, but today we will show you how to put your WordPress website on maintenance mode quickly. We’ll do this by using a plugin. This plugin helps you to display a message to your visitors that you are working on fixing some matters and you’ll return as soon as the issue is fixed.

In other words, have you ever seen such type of messages on a website landing page “Maintenance mode is on our Website will be available soon” or something like that?
Or why it happens to websites?

It tells users you are bringing some significant changes on your site this is why you want to stop browsing site for a particular time. No one would like to visite broken website.

Why should You use Maintenance Page?

  • For fixing website bugs.
  • To know your visitors your site under construction.
  •  To show a notice while working on your website
  •  You can show a specific reason that it’s on a down period of your site – it will not leave a wrong impression in your visitors’ mind.
  •  Switching WordPress theme one to another
  •  To minor cosmetic tweaks.
  • HTML/CSS layout without images (retina ready)
  • Fullscreen background
  • Blur background effect included
  • Upload your logo and retina using Maintenance
  • Configurable colors: fonts, icons, background and so forth
  • Add your title, headline, text and other features
  • User login with validation by using Maintenance
  • Admin bar: show/hide
  • 503 error on/off
  • Google analytics field feature is available here
  • Login on/off option is included here
  • Exclude pages in Maintenance mode
  • Testing plugins in your website
  • When you stop visitors from browsing your website which is going through the maintenance process, it reduces the chances of errors popping up, which saves your visitors from seeing error messages.

How to install Maintenance plugin on your website

To get this going let’s head over to your WordPress dashboard from the admin menu go to Plugin and select Add New and search that you are looking for in search area.

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (1)

When you get, the plugin, click on Install Now then go ahead and click on active. To make sure that you are using this official plugin

To know more details how to install WordPress plugin

How to activate Maintenance Mode in WordPress:

Once you installed this, you need to go to the WordPress Dashboard » Maintenance to configure the plugin.

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (2)

When you are on the page, at the top of this, you will find a switch which enables and disables. To put your website site into maintenance mode, you need to set it to ‘Enable.’

Next, If you want to use default text, logo, background image, and footer text clock on save changes. Finally, again visit your site to see the action then you can look at your response is working correctly like this screenshot.

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (3)

Well, Let’s talk about some advanced features of Maintenance Plugin. There are so many opportunities in this plugin. But today we’ll talk about some essential things on this plugin. This plugin is divided into three section

  • The first option under General is Page Title that appears info about your website, you can change it according to your need. You can see Page Title next to Favicon.

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (1)

  • In the second Headline, this text field appears most significant text on your maintenance mode page.
  • The third one is Description where an editor is included. You could use this what you want to do. It’s straightforward to use.

Activate Maintenance Mode in WordPress by WP Maintenance Mode.

Although having a large number of plugin regarding Maintenance Mode we choose this plugin as the second plugin to do this. Let’s Learn Now team personally recommend you to use it. WP Maintenance Mode is also another easy and beginner friendly plugin. Search this one on plugin search area and must check this WP Maintenence Mode plugin is developed by Designmodo

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (2)

Or download it from office link

FEATURES of WP Maintenance Mode

  1. This allows you fully customizable (change colors, texts, and backgrounds)
  2. Subscription form (export emails to .csv file)
  3. Countdown timer (remaining time) this option can appear the exact time when your site will be available
  4. Contact form (receive emails from visitors), this opportunity helps the administrator to keep in touch with visitors.
  5. Coming page soon;
  6.  Amazing landing page templates

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (4)

WordPress Maintenance Mode by “Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd”

Features of Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

  1. This plugin works with any WordPress Theme
  2. Full Responsive
  3. Customize the Look and Feel
  4. You can Easily add Custom CSS and HTML
  5. Uses HTML5 & CSS3 are available here
  6. Translation Ready, i18n Support function
  7. Multisite Support in this plugin
  8. BuddyPress Support
  9. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
  10. Uses WordPress Best Practices

How to active maintenance mode in WordPress (8)

If you activate maintenance mode that means that you can work behind closed doors on your website. Maintenance mode can show up as a “Coming Soon” mode, enabling you to build your new site in private.

How to Activate Maintenance Mode In WordPress
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