How to Create A FREE Blog Without Any Cost – For Beginners

Are you thinking about creating a blog without any cost? Well, In this article, I will walk you through How to Create A FREE Blog without any cost. There are many free blogging sites which offer you to create a free blog. I will try to explain some of them.  Bookmark this page for future reference. If you would like to get a premium blog too, don’t forget to check the bottom of the article.  

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How to Create A FREE Blog – For Beginners

There are several ways to get a free blog. But I will explain only the two most popular ways to create a free blog with the necessary images. I hope you will enjoy this article.

How to Create A FREE Blog with Blogger.Com

Google’s Blogger is the most popular than any other FREE platform. It is also popular because of its amazing features. The first thing you need to do is  Create a Gmail account If you already have a Gmail account, that’s pretty cool.

Once you have created a Gmail account, you are ready to create a free blog on Well, let’s go to to have a free blog.

N.B. Google provides intensive guidelines on how to create a blog with blogger. Otherwise, you can follow our following methods.

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This is the homepage of

Let’s click the orange button which says “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. It will redirect you a new page where you will be required to sign-in your G-mail account recently you created for your blog.


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You can sign in your Gmail account like that

Here, enter your Gmail which one you want to use with your blog and press next to enter the password as well.

After providing the required information, you will be sent the Blogger welcome screen that says “Welcome to Blogger.” Here you can also review your profile of Gmail. If everything is ok, then go ahead on clicking Continue to Blogger.

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This is how you should allow permission to continue with blogger.

Now, we are in the important part of creating a free blog. The page is saying to you “You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting! “. So, click “CREATE NEW BLOG

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Create a new blog by clicking the button

Now you can see a beautiful page like this where all the information will be your blog. You have to enter them very carefully.

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Check your address and make it unique
  1. Title: This title will be your blog title that we usually see next to favicon.
  2. Address: It will be your blog address. You can share this link with your friends, family, and social media to share your blog with the world
    (N.B. You must choose a unique address. if it’s unique then it’ll say ” This blog address is available”).
  3. Theme: There are a few themes are available for you, select any of them. A Theme helps to change the view of the blog. Blogger by default sets a Theme for your blog, but it’s changeable anytime. Scroll through the selections so that you can see all the templates. For example, I chose the Contempo template for my blog.

Let’s click “Create Blog!” and as soon as possible, you can see a successful notification. Immediately, you can see your Blogger dashboard.

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You can create new post here

That’s all about how to create a blog without any cost on Blogger. If you followed our steps carefully, we hope you made a free blog.

How to publish a post in Blogger?

To create a post, you need to click New Post. Here you go an example to clear your concept.

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Click new post to create a new blog

Here you will be given a fantastic post editor. There are two types of post-editors available. Fortunatunatly, you are allowed to use HTML code. But we recommend using Compose editor. It looks like Microsoft Words and Google Docs so easy to use.

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You can style your post like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. They are almost similar

At first, you need to enter a title of your post.

Top of the post editor there is a (quick tools). This quick tools will help you to decorate your post beautifully.

Key Features of Blogger’s Post Editor:

  • HTML allowed
  • You can use the Redo/Undo function
  • Use different font and font size
  • A Heading, sub-heading, and minor-heading are also available
  • You can do Blod, Italic, underline your content.
  • Use any text color and text background color
  • Outbound link/ internal link
  • Insert image, insert video and others media

Let’s see in practice how to publish a post on blogger.

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How to Create A FREE Blog : Method 2:

We know WordPress is one of the most famous (Content Management System) around the world. It offers us to have free blogging. Without farther ado let’s head over to how to create a free blog on

How to Create a Free Blog on

To create a fresh blog you need to visit Here is a short message for you like this ” Your voice, your story, your idea, your blog.” under this section a button you can see ” Get Started.”

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N.B. If you have Google or Gmail account, then you can use it as blog information just clicking “Continue with Google”

Otherwise, you must fill-up this form with the required information. Your email and username should be unique. Once you used the Email before, the existing Email will not be taken anymore. Hit the continue button and go ahead.

Now you are step 2 out of 4. Here, a note says that please answer these questions so we can help you make the site you need. You have to answer them truly.

What would you like to name your site?

Enter a name that would be your site or blog name. It could be anything like that Lets Learn Noe’s Blog, Justin Trude’s, etc.

What will your site be about?

This question is saying that what would be your site topic or niche. For example, travel, yoga, gym, fashion, design, etc.

What’s the primary goal you have for your site?

How to create a free blog - wordpress (2)-min

select any of them which maintains your criteria.

Step 3, Enter your site’s name or some keywords that describe it to get started. Which means you need to select sites address. From here you can also go for a paid address, but as we are making a completely free blog, in that case, we will go for a free address. Press Free and go ahead.

How to create a free blog - wordpress (3)-min

In the last step, four plans are available for you. We will select free one or student plan which gives subdomain.

How to create a free blog - wordpress (4)-min

Finally, you are successful in having a free blog on Now you can see “Done! Thanks for waiting, we’re ready for you to get started”.Hit continue to have your free blog’s dashboard.

How to create a free blog - wordpress (5)-min

Now Your free blog site is ready to use.

Some Limitations of FREE Blogging Sites:

  1. They won’t allow you to have a custom domain for FREE. But you can buy a domain if you want. It is paid service.
  2. Limited functionalities.
  3. They are not completely customizable. You have to use their pre-designed themes and options.

Though there are limitations on functionalities, FREE blogging sites are not bad at all. They are still excellent for the beginners. Once you are comfortable to pay, you can upgrade to the paid blogging. You can follow the buttons below to get your own domain and hosting.

Get Your Own Domain and Hosting In Namecheap

Get Your Own Domain and Hosting In Hostgator

Mainly, if you are thinking about brand value, custom domain and extend functionalities are very important. If you are interested in creating a beautiful blog using WordPress, you can read the post. How to create a website using WordPress step by step.

I hope you have learned how to create a free blog. If you found this blog helpful, you may connect our social media to get more updates through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.

Happy Blogging!


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