How to Install WordPress Plugin In Many Ways

In this post, I will talk about How to Install WordPress Plugin in different ways. A plugin is a fantastic feature of WordPress. It helps us to add more functionalities to our site without doing a lot of core programming. As a website owner, you can use any pre-made plugin from the WordPress free plugin directory or any other paid plugins directory.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

How to Install WordPress Plugin:

Install WordPress Plugin In Localhost:

Installing a plugin in localhost doesn’t have any difference from the usual steps. So I will suggest you check the regular installation guide below. But for me, the best way to add a WordPress plugin in localhost is copying the plugin folder into wp-content/plugins.

How to Install WordPress Plugin Manually By Uploading Zip File:

It is the manual way to add a plugin in the WordPress site. First of all, You need your FTP or Cpanel access to install a plugin by this way. We have to copy the plugin folder into wp-content/plugins. If you want to install any plugin manually, please go to the plugin directory and download a plugin in zip format. After downloading you can zip or either unzip the file. It depends on the way you want to copy the file. If you use Cpanel, you don’t need to unzip. But if you use FTP, you can use an unzipped folder to upload it to your main server. So the steps are:
1. Make your file ready (Zip or Unzip depends on your need)
2. Upload it into your WordPress directory. (Root Folder/wp-content/plugins)
3. Go to your Dashboard > Plugins, and you will find the Plugin name that you just added by uploading. Find the name and click Activate to activate the plugin. That’s it

How to Install WordPress Plugin by FTP:

In some cases, your WordPress hosting provider may have file restrictions that can limit your ability to install a plugin from the admin dashboard. So, What can be done? Well, In this section we’ll go through how to do this. Let’s get started.

The FTP manager method is the least friendly for beginners WordPress users.

First, you have to download the plugin’s zip file. If your source file is zip or a RAR, please extract it on your computer. Extract the file and create a new folder with the same name. This file needs to upload through your FTP client.

You need to have access of FTP manager. If you do not have a quick contract with your hosting provider, ask them FTP username and password.

Access the FTP client on your computer and connect to your website using the login credentials. When you are already logged in, you need to go /wp-content/plugins/

Finally, upload the folder from your computer that you extracted or unzipped.

How to install plugin by FTP Uploading

How to Install WordPress plugin From Dashboard:

Seems like it is the most famous and easiest way to install a plugin on WordPress. You need to have admin access to apply this process. Let’s come to the point now. From the admin look for Plugin then click on add new. Next, you’ll see a page like this with a search box.

How to install WordPress Plugin - 1

We’ll find the plugin by typing its name as we are searching “Contact form 7” type this word on the search form. Then, that happens at the top of the page. Now, we’ll click on Install

How to install WordPress Plugin - 2

This plugin will not work unless you activate the plugin. Sometimes you may find the active function in the same page otherwise you have visite plugin area from Admin dashboard. So again, click plugin then you will see all the plugin that you downloaded for your theme.

How to install WordPress Plugin - 3

Look at the screenshot. We can see all the plugin are here. Next, activate the plugin that you want.

How to install WordPress plugin in cPanel:

Installing the plugin in cPanel is almost like FTP installation. There is ony one difference which is you don’t have to use any other FTP manager to access the file. Just visit your cPanel dashboard by adding Cpanel in your web URL. is the default link to access your cPanel dashboard. Then go to File Manager and go to your wp-plugins folder. Upload your plugin’s zip folder. That’s it.

How to install a plugin cpanel

How to Install WordPress Plugin from WordPress Plugins Directory:

When you are ready for using WordPress Plugins Directory to install any plugin, it requires to have access to the root directory of your theme. Upload it into your WordPress directory. (Root Folder/wp-content/plugins). Now Make sure you file is unzipped while using root directory. In this article, we are using a demo theme. In this theme, we’ll show you how to do this. For Example, we want to install ”Upload-Max-File-Size” so we copied the file from my computer and pasted it my theme directory’s plugins folder or you can also drag the file and drop it yours plugins folder. Here you go a screenshot.

How to install WordPress Plugin - 4

Now, back to dashboard and click plugins option under the appearance menu where you see the plugin that you kept in your root directory. Let’s see

How to install WordPress Plugin - 5

The screenshot is showing our uploaded plugin. If you want to use it, you need to activate it. So click on the Active button. Now, keep enjoying with your plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugin without FTP:

I have already discussed it. There are many ways of installing a plugin. If you don’t like to use FTP, you may use cPanel or WordPress Dashboard to install a plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugin In Many Ways
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