How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress

Hi WP learners welcome to Lets Learn Now and in this article, I will discuss how to limit comment length in WordPress. Comments are very essential for your blog but some case it affects a bit problem for the users when it is too long.


How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress

Why Set Maximum Comment Length In WordPress?


Suppose, someone writes a one-word in a comment, it usually is not very helpful for the discussion. In most cases, it seems like a spam comment because the author is trying to achieve a backlink from your website.

However, when someone comments more than 5,000 characters, it’s usually a rant/complaint that in most cases is not relevant to that particular essay.

How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress

There are so many ways to set limit in your comment, but today I will show you some easy method so that you can prevent irrelevant comment and make it great for users. Well, let’s see how to limit comment length in WordPress.

Methos 1: Use The Code To Set The Maximum Limit Using Functions.PHP

Just log in to your WordPress admin panel then visit Appearance>>Editor>>functions.php file. This is a straightforward way indeed.

If you want to open your site’s Funnctions.php using cPanel of your web hosting account.

Just navigate to cPanel > file manager > wp-content > themes > theme name > functions.php file.

add_filter( ‘preprocess_comment’, ‘blogginglove_comment_limit’ );function blogginglove_comment_limit($comment) {
if ( strlen( $comment[‘comment_content’] ) > 4000 ) {
wp_die(‘Please keep your comment under 4000 characters. Comment is too long to accept’);
return $comment;


Method 2: Limiting Comment Lenght by Using a Plugin Called control-comment-length:

First, install and active control-comment-length plugin. If you are having trouble installing the plugin, then you may want to see how to install a WordPress plugin


Download Greg’s Comment Length Limiter from Here

How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress (1)


After activating this plugin, you will find it under your admin settings as Comment Length Limit


How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress (2)


Firstly you need to do is set your upper limit and after that, you click save the changes to store your setting.

Finally, visit any of your posts in order to check the job that you recently have done with a plugin.

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How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress
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