How to Login WordPress Site?

How to Login WordPress SiteOur today’s topic is how to login to WordPress site? Pretty well, this the most frequently asked question and we get asked by our users. Our users very often query how to login to WordPress site. Especially, WordPress beginners have a hard time to find a WordPress login URL.

Why do people need to login to WordPress Site?

When they need to manage your site suppose you want to publish a new post, edit a post, add media, delete a post, add a new page, change your design, add plugins, etc. WordPress login page is a door of your site management.

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How to Find the WordPress Login link?

Follow the following ways to log in your WordPress dashboard.

For example:

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Above the ways will let you go to your WordPress login area page. If for some reasons, your WordPress login URL is not working, then you will access the WordPress login page going to this URL

Important: Suppose, you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory such as a root directroy/letslearnnow/, after that, you would need to access your WordPress blog login page like this.

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Now, fill up the field with real information WordPress username or email and password.
And you also make sure you clicked Log In button.

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Finally, you will reach your destination and see “Welcome to WordPress!”

Usually, The URLs firstly check you were previously logged in. If your session is alive, then it will redirect to the admin area or dashboard. If your session has expired, then it will send you to the login page.

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How to Login WordPress Site?
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