How to use WordPress Importer – WordPress Plugin

Guys, In today’s blog I will talk about How to use WordPress Importer – WordPress Plugin. It is one of the most famous and widely useful plugins in WordPress to keep the backup of your website posts and pages to stay safe from your database. This WordPress Importer also used to import data from one WordPress website to another. WordPress Importer allows us to import so many things. Such as:

How to use WordPress Importer Plugin1. Posts, pages, and other custom post types
3. Custom fields and post meta
4. Categories, tags, and terms from custom taxonomies
5. Authors.

Throughout this article, I’ll be discussing Import and Export content between two websites. This process is straightforward for every user because this does not require any My MySQL and Database knowledge.

How to use WordPress Importer – WordPress Plugin

Note: This process requires you to have access to both websites. I highly recommend you to take backup your sites before using WordPress Importer so that you can restore them if anything goes wrong.

Why should we use WordPress Importer?

If you want to migrate your contents of the website, it is a tough task that might face every WordPress users. The job of copping of specific posts, pages, custom posts and other contents you need to know about operating database. It is technical work. Suppose, you are a simple WordPress user, you have no idea about My MySQL and Database. Now, What can you do? Well, that time you are also able to migrate particular posts, pages, media and so on when you are a non-techie person.

Okay, Turn Into How To Import Posts, Pages Custom Post And Author Type From One WordPress Website To Another. Just follow my tips step by step. So let’s see.

Exporting Content From One WordPress Website as using XML format:

Export is a function by default, and it is built-in of WordPress core functionality without installing any plugins. So, you need to look up where the feature is. Just go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website then You will find the export feature in the main WordPress admin menu in the Tools section. So it is in Dashboard > Tools. Now hover your mouse on Tools and then you will see some options just hit the Import option.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin

In Export feature, there are three options available here. The alternative is “All content” that means backup all contents including your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, and custom posts.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 1

Either, You can also go for specific types such as post, page, and media. Interestingly, there are some opportunities for filtering of your contents from particular categories, authors, date range and publication status and so forth.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 3

I want to add that this WordPress Export Function list other post types. It can be noted that I used Contract Form 7, Grid Builder, Slider, etc. on my website. As they are custom post type, in that case, the Export function allows us to export our contents to another site too.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 4

Finally, you have to decide which content you want to export and click Download Export File and keep the downloaded file on your computer. Now, You can see successfully downloaded XML file.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 5

How to use WordPress Importer: How to import Content From Another Website:

You will also find the Import function in the dashboard menu just under the Tools option, but WordPress did not build Import feature in default functionalities. You might think why this option is not visible where WP Export added. Let’s have a look.

WordPress provides eight official import plugins. Therefore, WordPress offers these import systems as plugins so that the core functionalities of WordPress will not be affected anyway.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 6

What are we going to import? A WordPress website right? So, you must install the WordPress installer from the given eight official plugins. As there is a simple way available to install it, click to “Install now” and wait for a while automatically it will be connected through your plugin directory then you’ll see ‘Run importer.’

How to use WordPress Importer : Alternative Method

Alternative method: You can also install this plugin manually How to manually install a plugin in theme directory

After clicking run importer, you will see the import page. Where you will upload the XML file, you exported earlier.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 7

You will get an option to import backup file when hit ‘choose file’opportunity. Select your WordPress backup file carefully if everything is alright then going for (Upload file and import).e

Note: WordPress says to choose a file from your computer: (Maximum size: 2 MB). Suppose, your XML file size more than 2 MB what will you do then? Next three lines for you.

Adjust the maximum file upload limit by modifying your theme functions dot PHP file changing your dot .htaccess file or editing the php.ini file or even better you could ask your hosting company to help. To know more details see our {another post. How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress.

WordPress will provide the option to assign imported authors to exist authors on your website. Alternatively, you can create a new account for each author’s posts. In this article, I want to keep my posts to an existing user (zboom). You may create new user or author according to your need.

Additionally, This has downloading attachments option when you will check it WordPress tries to import all the accessories files that are attached to posts and pages you’re introducing now.

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 8

Conclusion, When all the works will be done by the plugin carefully then you will get a message from the page

How to use WordPress Importer - WordPress Plugin 9

Hope you have learned how to use WordPress importer. If would like to know how to duplicate and clone a post or page within a second, please check How to use Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin.

For your kind information, if you would like to create a website from scratch, please visit the detailed article. How to create a website using WordPress. We have written the article for helping every beginner to create a site using WordPress.

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How to use WordPress Importer – WordPress Plugin
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