What is Text Editor in WordPress – Beginners Guide

Hi Wp learners, in this article, I will walk you through what is text editor in WordPress. Well, let me break it down for you, there are two types of editors in WordPress (Visual editor and Text editor). If would like to know what is vidual editor then you may want to see this article What is Visual Editor in WordPress too.

What is Text Editor in WordPress

What is Text Editor in WordPress:

Text editor is a post editor screen where you can make a post for your blog using HTML. Text Editor which consists of a text area element enhanced by a set of buttons providing a quick way to inject HTML code into post content.

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If you are a non-techie person or not comfortable with coding, then you should use TinyMCE or visual editor by clicking top right labels.

WordPress Text Editor:


If you are interested in adding a lot of code into your posts, or you like to preview the exact HTML structure of your content, then you can use the text editor.

However, the text editor is not just a form element. The editor toolbar provides a lot of quick-tags toolbar like this.

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What is Text Editor in WordPress – Beginners Guide
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