What is Visual Editor in WordPress? – For Beginners Guide

Hi WP learners! in this article, I will explain what is visual editor in WordPress. WordPress has two editors, text editor, and visual editor. Well, let’s see what is visual editor in WordPress. The visual editor is a rich content editor in WordPress so far.

What is Visual Editor in WordPress

What is Visual Editor in WordPress?

A visual editor is impressive where you not just can see the contents you’ve just written, but also how it will display after publishing (bold, italicized, etc.) and other content that might visually enrich the content. Examples of visual editors include modern word processors, as well as editors like TinyMCE, and the editor you can see on Google Docs and Microsoft Word.


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Why should you use visual editor?


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As you can see in the picture a stylish toolbar included in the visual editor. From here you can easily style your content (bold, italic, bullet list, add the links, text color). And the exotic matter is that you can see the same view after publishing the content. So, that immediately gives you the chance to revise.

Instead of using the HTML or text editor you should always go with WordPress visual editor because of live viewing facilities.

If you are having trouble with your WordPress visual editor, you can see the WordPress Visual Editor Not Working Properly This article will help you to solve your problem.

Embedding post in visual editor:

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When you are embedding something in your editor, it’ll immediately fetch the data and showing how I’ll be looking on your post. If you need more information on how to embed something in visual editor watch the video.

Video Tutorial How to Embed Video in WordPress:


TinyMCE or Visual Editor is extensible, so WordPress plugin developers can also add their buttons( or you can use the plugin) to the visual editor’s toolbar. If you would like to change something or add some extraordinary features your theme you can.

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What is Visual Editor in WordPress? – For Beginners Guide
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