How to Post WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page

In today’s video, I will explain how to post WordPress comments without reloading the page. I had to search for a while to find the best solution. In today’s blog, I will cover how to submit comments via ajax in WordPress. On the other hand, you can call it “WordPress ajax comments plugin” article too. We will use a simple plugin to do this.

It is very irritating that when someone posts a comment, all of the WordPress websites redirect to another new URL and says “The comment has been successfully posted.” I don’t know why WordPress is not taking care of this by default. Whatever, We can solve this weird problem just by installing a simple plugin to post WordPress Comments without reloading the page.

How to post WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page by Ajax 1

WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page:

The best way for me to solve this problem is installing a plugin. The plugin’s name is WP Ajaxify Comments by Weweave UG. Simply add the plugin from Dashboard or follow the link below to download the plugin. If you have any trouble to install a plugin, please check our other article to install WordPress plugin in different ways. There are many ways to install a plugin in WordPress website. So, download the plugin and activate it.

Download WP Ajaxify Comments

After installing the plugin, you have to change a simple setting. You will get a message to turn off the debug mode from plugin settings. To solve this issue, please go to Settings > WP Ajaxify Comments > Uncheck the Debug Mode Option. That’s it. It should work.

How to post WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page by Ajax 2

The plugin uses ajax to post a comment without reloading the page. Your page will not redirect to any other link, and you will see a SUCCESS message once the comment is successfully posted. But if you have any error to post a comment, you will see an error message too. It is completely dynamic.

To edit the custom messages, you can go to Settings > WP Ajaxify Comments and find your desired box and replace the default message. It is so simple to do.

WordPress submit comments via ajax – Customization:

But if you still have any issue with any other conflicts, you can change the settings according to your need. You will find many options to change the different classes. You can adjust all of them if you need. But if you are a newbie and if you don’t know how to adjust all of the settings, please leave everything as it is. Don’t make any other changes. Just uncheck the Debug Mode and click Save. That’s it. You are done.

How to post WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page by Ajax 3

Though there are so many ways to do this, I liked this plugin, and I am also using the same plugin on our website “Lets Learn Now.”

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How to Post WordPress Comments Without Reloading The Page
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