WordPress Preview Not Working Properly – URL Redirect (Solved)

I found this problem: WordPress Preview Not Working Properly” once upon a time. I have searched in many forums, but to be honest¬†there was no specific solution. When I clicked the preview button, it redirected to the post link instead of showing the preview URL correctly. &preview=true¬†disappear and displayed a 404 error message.

WordPress Preview Not Working Properly3-minI have figured out the solutions. There are two possible solutions. Let me explain them:

WordPress Preview Not Working Properly – Solution 1:

Sometimes It happens because of the URL structure. If your URL structure is not appropriately configured, please change it to “post name” and click Save changes. Most of the time, it works like a charm!

To find the URL structure, please go to Settings> Permalinks > Select Post Name.

Please check the image below for better understanding.

WordPress Preview Not Working Properly - URL Redirect-min

WordPress Preview Not Working Properly – Solution 2:

The second method is funny too. Just log out your Admin account and close the browser. Then log in again. Hope it is now working. hahaha. It worked for me. So I have tried to explain it in a short article for my readers. Have a great day. If you are a beginner, don’t forget to bookmark this website for future reference. We post cool things and best solutions for WordPress.

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WordPress Preview Not Working Properly – URL Redirect (Solved)
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