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Hi WP learners, in this article, I will walk you through the WordPress visual editor not working and how to fix it step by step. Well, we get asked the question that how to fix WordPress visual editor when it is not working correctly.WordPress visual editor not working fratured image

What is the WordPress visual editor?

Visual Editor is a rich content editor in the WordPress which looks a bit Microsoft Words and Google Docs post edit screen. The WordPress post edit screen has two editors, Text editor, and Visual editor. The visual editor is also called WYSIWYG editor.

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WYSIWYG editor lets you know how it will be looking when you will publish the content. Well, let’s see how to fix WordPress visual editor not working.

When you are having this problem, first of all, you should try the things:
Is the visual editor enabled right now? You can check this by navigating to WP Dashboard > Users > Your Profile and make sure your Visual Editor is unticked.

WordPress visual editor not working


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Re-install WordPress manually
Disable all plugins
Use a different default theme (in fact, I’ve tried several)
Try logging in as a different user


WordPress visual editor not working


When you tried all of them, but still it’s not working then you go for the next solution editing your wp-config. Login, your WordPress root folder, using FTP and find out you wp-config where located then open this file with any text editor to paste the code line. The code line is given below.

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);


so if you’re unfamiliar with editing code or you do not want to deal with your wp-config, I would recommend getting in contact with your hosting provider for assistance or go for a person who is good at this.

Make sure you update this code correctly on your wp-config. Now reload your site, I hope your editor is now working correctly.

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